Monday, 22 September 2014


If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will be aware of the Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society, as I've talked about it before.

AIPAS recently celebrated turning 1 by having a huge giveaway, full of awesome Aussie Indie goodies.  You can check it out by going to the Giveaway page on the AIPAS blog, or if you're on Facebook there is a handy Giveaways tab on the AIPAS Facebook page.

The prizes on offer are:

Celestial Cosmetics
Winner's pick of 6 bottles of polish from the existing range (international)

Gloss n Sparkle
$25 store credit

Help Me Ronda
1 Cuticle Cocktail and 1 Rub-a-Dub Scrub in Winner's choice of scent (Rub-a-Dub Scrub will also be scented as an added bonus for this giveaway) (International)

3 bottles of polish from their upcoming Spring Collection (If this prize is not available, the prize will be substituted with 3 bottles of exclusive glitter toppers not available on Etsy)

Loki's Lacquer
1 bottle of polish

Loki's Lacquer
1 pack of vinyl decals (international)

Mckfresh Nail Attire
Winner's pick of 3 bottles of polish from the existing range (international)

Moonstone Nail Polish
$30 store credit

Peaches Polish
1 Magic Balm, 1 bottle of previously unreleased polish, 1 bottle of Tink Topper

Peita's Polish
$30 store credit (valid for 6 months) (international)

Powder Perfect
Limited Edition Anniversary Trio of Monsoon, Forecast; Optimistic and Storm Rainbow

Sayuri Nail Lacquer
$25 store credit

Shades of Phoenix
$25 store credit (international)

Resinail Lacquer
$30 store credit

Two Birds Lacquer
Trio of One of a Kind polishes created for this giveaway prize, plus  one cuticle oil in the Winner's choice of scent

Beading Bug
3 soy wax melts in Winner's choice of scent (value $18)
Sponsor:  Cathy Offler

Femme Craft
Polish Pendant and matching earrings, made with the Winner's choice of polish
Sponsor:  Cassandra, Reluctant Femme

Serenity Nails
Custom commissioned polish from Celestial Cosmetics

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Scofflaw Nail Varnish :: Love Letter to Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree

I have long had a love affair with Scofflaw Nail Varnish, however with a limited polish budget and limited access to this US Indie Polish brand, I don't have many bottles.  Yet.  They are lovely polishes and are generally my favourite brand for crelly glitters outside of Australia.  I also love the bottle feel, and the awesome graphics on the bottom label of the bottles.

I recently purchased Love Letter to Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree from Scofflaw's Australian stockist, Femme Fatale Cosmetics.  

Both polishes were from Scofflaw's Winter 2014 collection, and were created as a duo in homage to the painter from The Joy of Painting, a TV show from the 1980's from the American Public Broadcasting Service ("PBS").  Although a lot of people won't be familiar with Bob Ross, I was and it brought a smile to my face to see the little character sporting an afro on the bottle's bottom label.  *See below why I have not shared a photo of this

Love Letter to Bob Ross is a shimmery blue/green slate colour, with neutral/grey fleck and some different coloured micro glitters which shoot of sparks of colour.  Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of Bob before I stuck him in a tree, so by the time I was in good lighting, only the red micro glitters showed up easily through the glitter topper.

Happy Little Tree is a glitter topper, with various sized circle glitters, both matte and transparent, in a pastel creamy yellow, translucent mint green and metallic yellow/gold.  There are also grey, lemon and possibly silver hexes, and smaller glitters in lemon, grey and silver.  At least I think.  Scofflaw has such a unique way of blending glitters that you're never really sure if you're describing it properly.

*As mentioned above, I bought this pair from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.  I had only planned on buying one Scofflaw in that purchase, but then I saw that both Bob and Tree were in FFC's scratch n dent section so I bought them both.  Things usually end up in the S&D section because another polish has gotten too excited about visiting Australia and has tossed their cookies up all over their fellow polish passengers.  There's nothing wrong with my bottles other than a little wear and tear on the labelling, but that is why I haven't shared full bottle shots of both polishes.

Happy Polishing!
xo Relle

Update :: Great Internet Drought of 2014

Hello all!!  I thought I would swing by and give an update on what's going on, as I have been fairly quiet on here since The Great Internet Drought of 2014 began.  I don't want to jinx myself, but my internet problems *should* be sorted by Monday.  I've also managed to use up over two thirds of my generous mobile data plan for the month, and I still have 20 days to go!

As I had no excuses left for my chronic procrastination in relation to organising my polish stash with the internet gone, I managed to get a majority of it done.  I have reorganised my polish into two groups, Aussie Indies (by brand) and Everything Else (by colour).  I took a photo of my messy polish rainbow, with mandatory FreyFrey cameo.

Lady Frey standing (sitting?) guard over my polish
I still have to sort the 12 polishes I have since found hanging out on my desk, and a large parcel which is currently in the possession of Australia Post but expected to arrive any day now.  After that it will be time to destash those pesky duplicates, for the first time ever since my "addiction" kicked into overdrive.  I don't know how I am going to handle getting rid of the destashed polish, so if you have any suggestions please pop them into the comments - they are more than welcome!  Once my destash is done, I'll sort most of the AU indies into colour as well.  It's still very much a work in progress, but the worst of the sorting is over.  

So what else have I been doing other than sorting forgotten bottles of polish while idly petting a freaked out cat who keeps trying to walk over the sea of polish?  Organising giveaways!

At the moment, The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society are holding a mammoth 1st Birthday Giveaway which I have been organising.  If you haven't already entered, please do so!  You are helping to support the AIPAS community, small businesses in Australia, and you'll also go into the running for one of the awesome prizes on offer! Free stuff?  Hell yes!  I can't enter as I am the organiser, but you should all enter for me!  

I've also started up another giveaway for Shades of Phoenix to celebrate the launch of the new Wildfire shade (which I will be swatching soon!), plus Teneil's birthday earlier this week.  Entries are earned for the Spread it like Wildfire giveaway through sharing swatches of certain colours of Shades of Phoenix polish and filling out the entry form (link is on the SOP Facebook page).  I have also been giving Teneil a hand with some of the social media for SOP, including the SOP Facebook page, and the Phoenix Flames fan group.  

As you can see, it's been a rather busy few weeks with limited internet.  No wonder I burnt through over a gig of mobile data in under a week!

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Monday, 8 September 2014

Born Pretty Store :: Water Decals Review :: Sexy Lace Flower Pattern Sticker DS-057

Today I have some pretty nifty floral water decals to share with you from Born Pretty Store.  

When I saw the listing for these decals, I knew I wanted to try them out as they looked like delicate one-stroke roses.  I was also interested to see how the darker shading in the decals would work.  The single flowers also appealed because I have small nail beds, and often decals are too large and part of the design has to be sacrificed.  The extra work involved in making my own floral clusters was worth it.

This sheet of decals comes with a variety of shapes, including flowers with a dark purple/grey background and white detail.  Some of the flowers have empty centres, while others have fully detailed centres, and this allows you to combine them with ease.  There are also some single darker petals, as well as pure white details in the shapes of curling vines, lace borders, daisy outlines and curling vines.  To create my design, I used all of the decal shapes except for the paisley and lace borders.  

Using a black polish base, I combined the decals to make sure every flower had a detailed centre, and placed the vines randomly to tie it in.  With my pinkie finger, I accidentally shifted a half flower away from the edge of my nail when I was blotting it.  I was able to use a couple of the single petals to hide that "oops".

The decals are easy to use, and there are instructions on the back of the packet.  I found it easier using a pair of tweezers to place the decals, and I was able to reposition them as long as I kept the nail wet. To finish it off, I applied a matte top coat.  

These water decals, and many other nail art and care products, are available from Born Pretty Store. BPS is based in China, and offer free international shipping, and have kindly provided a 10% discount code for me to share with my readers. Simply pop in the code LL10K31

Store link:  Born Pretty Store

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Femme Fatale Cosmetics :: Darkmoon Fortune

Today I'm sharing Darkmoon Fortune from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, which was the polish I wore for last week's glitter theme for Femme Fatale Fiends.

Darkmoon Fortune has a sheer plummy brown base, and is packed with a delicious mix of burgundy/brown hexes and small glitters, a purple/fuchsia in holo hexes and small squares, small turquoise holo hexes, and small iridescent glitters.  I may have the colour of the little squares wrong, as they seem to move from wine to fuchsia in light.  

I applied two coats of Darkmoon Fortune over Color Club Electronica, which is a shimmery deep purple.  I found it incredibly difficult to get an accurate shot of the glossy version of this mani, so I applied a matte topcoat so that you could see just how generous the glitter serving is.

DMF was a hidden gem in my collection, and I'm sorry that it took so long to wear it. It is an absolutely gorgeous mix of glitters, and is now probably one of my favourite shades from FFC.  Unfortunately for those of you who do not own it, this shade has been discontinued although some fingerwork revealed that it is still available from FFC Stockists Beauty So Fly and Norway Nails.

AIPAS, as well as some of the Aussie Indie brands, have quite active Facebook fan groups, and often have themes to join in on. If you're at a loss about which polish to put on, check out the different groups for inspiration!

Happy Polishing!!

xo Relle

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Swatch :: Tektite and Cydonia Nights

Earlier this year, Celestial Cosmetics held a contest with one of the prizes being to help design some new polish!  I wasn't the winner, but what a great prize!  Tonight I'm sharing with you swatches of both of the contest polishes, Tektite and Cydonia Nights.  


Tektite has an abundance of different shades and sizes of green glitters swimming in a squishy dark green jelly base. I used two coats, with the second coat using the "splodge and push" method to get a good covering of glitter.  While the photo shoes a little bit of visible nail line, it is less noticeable in action at normal scale.  (I don't actually have gigantic yeti hands).


Cydonia Nights is an almost burnt caramel orange jelly with brown and gold glitters throughout.  I feel this shade didn't play nice with my skintone, but it was my favourite out of the two because of it's uniqueness.  The rusty orange brown is something I haven't seen in a squishy recently, and I'm thinking it will make a reappearance in some Halloween nail art this year!

Tektite and Cydonia Nights are available from the Celestial Cosmetics' Store until 25 October 2014, so don't wait too long or you might miss out.

And for the sake of completeness, I just had to give you the clip for Muse's Knights of Cydonia, since it has been an earworm all night.

Happy polishing!!!

xo Relle

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Simples :: Watercolour Nail Art

Last week's Simples Nail Art - Muggles to Mastery theme was Watercolour!  To create my watercolour mani, I used five different colours of MUD nail polish, in Electrify It, Caribbean Sky, Flamingo Funk, Hello Yellow and Lime Juice.  This is precisely why I have such a large MUD collection, as they are great for nail art, and you don't feel bad about wastage because they are so cheap!

I used Snow Me White from Sinful Colors as my base white, and Peita's Potions Quick Gloss Me Up topcoat to protect my white base.  I then waited for it to dry quite a bit before moving on to the next step.

I have attempted watercolour before, using the "blob polish on then moosh with a brush with acetone" but I wasn't happy with the result, so I decided to go back to my High School art class roots, where you had to make watercolour paint out of the "all purpose school grade acrylic" that came in 2 litre bottles, by mixing a lot of water in with the paint.  

For this mani, I applied the colours one at a time, watering down the blobs of polish with acetone with a flat nail art brush on an old takeaway lid before dabbing on the polish/acetone mix to my nails in random spots.  I went through all of the colours, then went back through in the opposite order to top up on the other colours where needed, then a final brush over with straight acetone to blend the last colour back in before the final coat of topcoat. 

I really like how this has turned out, especially with the little touch of shimmer that come from the blue Caribbean Sky polish.  I'll definitely be attempting this mani again.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Simples :: Splodging Nail Art

This whole "no internet" business is really cutting into my blogging hours!  You'll have to forgive me, as I'm posting my Splodging mani for the Simples Nail Art - Muggles to Mastery theme from last week a little late.  

On to the purdy polish!  I used Covergirl Black Diamond for my base, with The Dawn is Broken from Essence, Innocent from Sinful Colors, Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? from, you guessed it, OPI for my spoloding.  I also gave the mani a generous coat of Chi Chi's multicoloured flaky Crystal Top Coat.

I quite like the colour combo, but it looks a little too much like an accidental camo to me. I'm not going to get too wordy on you tonight, because I've already done it once this week and failed.  I had my post all ready to go on the Android Blogger app when it ate my entire post (it's still trying to "save it" half a week later).  

If anyone has any recommendations for an alternate method of publishing blogs from mobile (while wandering around the house looking for that elusive mobile data signal, please post in commebnts!  

I must be off, I have some heavy duty relaxing to do after dealing with numbers all day.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

MckFresh Nail Attire :: Princess Bubblegum and Whistling Choir Death Match Championship

I recently wore MckFresh Nail Attire's Whistling Choir Death Match Championship for an AIPAS weekly challenge (I want Candy).

WCDMC is a pearly bubblegum pink swimming with small and round pastel matte glitters in lemon, blue, pinks and lavender.  It wore well, and it was a subtle, but fun glitter, and one of the more "work appropriate" Indie glitters I own while being totally girly.  WCDMC is from the Ooo - Friends collection which was based off Adventure Time, and is still available from MckFresh's Etsy store.

I have a set of pearly acrylic paints that I bought recently, so I decided to test them out by painting Princess Bubblegum on my ring finger as a feature nail.  Finding a reference pic was interesting as I did this mani while I had no internet.  I was traipsing around the house, searching for that ever-ellusive mobile data connection, arm above my head until I had enough signal to do a Google image search.  The joys of living out in the sticks.

This is the part of the blog post where I come clean, and admit that I have only watched one episode of Adventure Time.  I'm totally clueless about the characters, storyline or why there's a talking dog and a weird wavy unicorn rainbow.  Perhaps when I've run out of the things I currently watch, I might go back and see if I can get into it watching it.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Monday, 11 August 2014

Dead Set Babes :: Freya's Scowl

As part of a birthday group I'm taking part in this year, I received a gorgeous custom bottle of polish from Deadset Babes that was inspired by my perpetual kitty, Freya.

Freya's Scowl is a glitter topper with translucent matte white hexes, iridescent squares and some shifting and shimmering base glitters which are rather hard to describe. It had great glitter distribution without the need for fishing, and I applied two coats for this mani over black, one dabbed and one just brushed on, with a generous amount of top coat.

I'm itching to try this one out on a nude/beige base to mimic Freya's actual colouring.  There's so much going on with this polish, just when I think I've seen all there is to see with the polish, I'd move my fingers and BAM more lush sparkle to lose myself in.

Deadset Babes polish can be purchased from their store at

Happy Polishing!! 

xo Relle