Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What's In-Die Box November 2014 :: Unboxing Video and Swatch Photos

Before I hit my internet drought last week, I had filmed my first ever "unboxing", of the November 2014 Pokemon themed What's In-Die Box.  


If you haven't yet received your November WIDB and want to keep it a secret, look away now!  Close your eyes and throw your phone against the wall.  Flip that laptop screen down!  Run screaming down to the local store and pick me up a packet of Burger Rings while you're there!


Don't worry, I won't put your head through the window! ;)
Unfortunately there is no narration on the video, as that was something I was planning on doing once I had finished stripping out the background noises from the furkids, Manbeast, and Manbeast's music. I've only just had my internet fixed last night, so I've popped the music into the video, and am waiting for Youtube to upload the video as I type everything else.

Time for Bottle Shots

 Arcane Lacquer - Glooms Vileplume
Bella Belle Nail Couture - Vivillon 

Lilypad Lacquer - Tornadus
Peita's Polish - Pikachu

Sayuri Nail Lacquer - #134

In order of the swatch sticks below:-

Sayuri Nail Lacquer - #134 :: A lovely light blue shimmery creme with blue iridescent square glitter, and smaller (pinkish?) toned iridescent glitters.  

Lilypad Lacquer - Tornadus :: a medium green creme with purple, green and holo gold small glitters, and holo green shards.

Arcane Lacquer - Glooms Vileplume :: this magenta pink has a blue sheen and possible gold holo or iridescent microflakes.  I found this polish hard to capture in the video, and on camera, as its polish magic is elegantly understated.

Bella Belle Nail Couture - Vivillon :: a black jelly packed with a rainbow of glitters, plus some larger pink holo hexes and square glitters.

Peita's Polish - Pikachu :: a sheer shimmery silver micro iridescent holo soup, with red, yellow and lemon circle glitters, smaller red circle glitters and bronze hex glitters, complete with pokemon themed bottle bow.

Two coats on clear swatch sticks

Patented 5 Finger Lazy WIDB Swatch

I have to say that both the Arcane Lacquer and Peita Polish shades were the most hard wearing, with no chips or wear after several days, with the Sayuri not far behind for chip resistance.

Pre-orders are open for the December What's In-Die Box until 29 November 2014 from and the theme is Aussie Christmas.

Happy Polishing!!

xo Relle

Monday, 17 November 2014

Berry and Blue :: Nail Art Gradient using Shades of Phoenix Paint Me Blue and The Impossible Planet

Good morning polish fans!  For breakfast today I am serving up some lightly shaded bird, in the form of a nail art gradient using two polishes from Shades of Phoenix's latest collection, Bloggers Who Inspire.  

I used The Impossible Planet as the base shade, then sponged the gradient of The Impossible Planet with Paint Me Blue.  This brilliant blue crelly blended out nicely through purple to the red on my nails.

The Bloggers Who Inspire collection is currently available for pre-order from Shades of Phoenix, either as the full set or as individual shades.  I love all of the shades, and am bias towards Medusa in the Morning, however both of these shades would be a lovely addiction to most Aussie Indie polish collections.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Born Pretty Store :: Rhinestone Spider Nail Art

Living in Australia means dealing with a lot of spiders, which isn't exactly fun for someone with arachnophobia.  However, I have a nice, friendly, non-bitey, super-sparkly type of spider to share with you today!  

This silver rhinestone spider nail charm is from Born Pretty Store, who kindly provided both rhinestone and pearl versions to me for review.  I've used several products available from Born Pretty Store in this post, and links to items are at the very end of the post for your convenience.

I started with a base coat of Rimmel London Lycra Pro in shade 416 Night Flight, which is a lovely deep aubergine purple creme.

The base nail art on my ring finger was done first, as I wanted to get in a good amount of drying time before affixing the spider nail charge.  I painted a spiderweb using Essence White Tip Painter, then used little dots of nail foil glue and a holographic nail foil at the joins of the web to mimic dew drops.  I then coated the entire nail with Max Factor Fantasy Fire to give the web a light purple tone, and add that gorgeous shimmer.

After I completed the rest of my nails, I attached the spiders using a nice dab of nail glue and let it dry, and then popped a good dollop of topcoat around the spider where it touched the nail.

For the rest of the nails, I use different techniques to make a quirky mix and match type mani.  My pinky nail has white pinstripes (again using the Essence white tip painter), and two rhinestones.  My middle finger has a glittery coat of Pahlish Slow Fade of Love, then alternating waterfall technique style strokes of the Essence tip painter and Rimmel Night Flight.

My pointer finger is also sporting a silver nail spike which I bought a while ago from the Born Pretty Store.  I fixed it to the nail in the same manner as the spider, but underneath that there is a layer of a gorgeous metallic purple nail foil, which was then painted over with a thinner stripe of Night Flight and Fantasy Fire.  My thumb (which isn't joining us for this post because it was shy) had both of the colours of nail foil used on other fingers randomly applied in a stylised feather pattern.

It does take a little bit of getting used to wearing, as the little spider legs want to grab onto everything and not let go!  I never truly appreciated how much lace and mesh items I used on a daily basis until wearing these little buggers on my fingertips.  At one stage, I was firmly secured to my bath puff for several minutes as in the process of unhooking one hand's spider, the other hand's spider would latch on.  

In terms of longevity, I had to pry these charms off after a couple of days, as it was hair washing time and I didn't want to end up with bald patches.  I have no doubt that the charms would have lasted a second hair washing, but my sanity could not, so off they came.  Also, I used a little nail polish remover on a cotton bud to clean off the coloured polish from the base of the spiders, so I will be able to reuse them at least one more time.

The pearl and rhinestone spider nail charms can be purchased from Born Pretty Store in sets of two, and are priced at USD $2.16 at the time of posting.  If you'd like to pick them up with a further 10% off, use my BPS discount code of LL10K31.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Store Link:  Born Pretty Store
Discount Code:  LL10K31

This mani can be recreated using the following products:

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Shades of Phoenix :: Bat in a Blender :: Blogger collaboration collection

Welcome to my final instalment of the upcoming Shades of Phoenix collection, Bloggers Who Inspire.

If you used your powers of observation, you'll know that the lucky last shade to share with you is the one inspired by Kierra of Look What The Bats Dragged In (or in IG, @battylacquer).

Bat in a Blender

Bat in a Blender has a gorgeous mix of different teal and green glitters, including holographic glitters, in a variety of shapes.  These glitters swim around in a sheer teal/green jelly base, and I applied three coats to get good glitter coverage, and there is plenty of holo glitters shooting rainbows as you move your hands.  You can see some visible nail line in these extreme close up shots, it isn't noticeable in the flesh.  

If you've read my blog before, you'll be aware that I always resist the urge to wear undies when swatching (it makes for an easier trip to the toilet when you get struck down by that "mid-mani instant need to pee" - just kidding!).  Again, I have not used undies when swatching Bat in a Blender, although I do think that this polish would look great with a dark green, black, or dark purple pair of nail knickers.

I had some difficulty capturing this polish in a photo, but that is my fault entirely, and nothing to do with the polish.  I had suffered a break on my normal swatching hand's "bird" finger and had to rope my ugly stepsister hand in to take over (hence the slightly awkward hard positions).  

Stumpy little right bird finger aside, I rocked this mani for quite a few days at work doing some rather energetic filing (which can really trash my nails), and I had minimal tip wear.  It's a stayer! Keep that in mind when it's time to take it off though, it will not be an easy task unless you used a peel-off base.

Not very accurate to colour, but I liked the little holo flashes in this shot

The Bloggers Who Inspire collection will soon be available for pre-order from Shades of Phoenix.  Very. Soon  ;)

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Shades of Phoenix :: The Impossible Planet :: Blogger collaboration collection

My apologies for the small delay in continuing to show you the new Shades of Phoenix blogger collaboration collection.  I've been a little under the weather for the past few days, but apart from waking up far too early this morning because I thought it was Monday, not Sunday, I'm doing great today.  

To make up for the delay, I am going to try and finish off the last two shades today!  Starting with the polish inspired by Bettina Nails, The Impossible Planet.

The Impossible Planet

The Impossible Planet is a crushed rasberry red jelly with a variety of glitters including holo glitters, dust and some small holo stars.  It's really too hard to pick out the colours of this glitter as they are all awash with that delicious berry jelly, but I do see regular flashes of red, fuchsia/magenta, blue/purple/iridescent and rainbow holo.  I used three coats of The Impossible Planet, plus topcoat.  

I did have a little trouble getting the star glitters on the brush, so a little patience is needed with this polish.  You might want to pop the bottle upside down for a few seconds every 3-4 nails, or roll the bottle gently, to reduce the need for glitter fishing (cap on of course, unless you love the "whole bottle of polish going everywhere" look).  

You will also need a nice, thick topcoat for this polish, as like all polishes with star glitters, the pesky little devils like to poke their corners out as much as possible.   

The two photos above were taken in full sunlight, the two below under lamplight, and the lucky last shot is an out-of-focus daylight shot, so you can get an idea of how much this baby sparkles in the sun.

This collection will be available for pre-order when Shades of Phoenix reopens shortly.  Keep watch in the Phoenix Flames FB group, and the Shades of Phoenix Facebook page for more info and more sneak peeks at the collection by the other bloggers involved!  

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shades of Phoenix :: Paint Me Blue :: Blogger collaboration collection

It's hard to be blue when you get to play with new polish, but Paint Me Blue from Shades of Phoenix's new blogger collaboration collection has made it very easy indeed!

Paint Me Blue

Paint Me Blue is inspired by Cassandra from Reluctant Femme, and is a brilliant blue jelly base with lashings of teal, blue and silver (?) holo glitters in a variety of shapes including small and large hexes and squares.

I applied three coats of Paint Me Blue, and it seemed to have an inner glow.  The holo squares are eager to flash colour and are eager to jump out of the bottle and onto the nail.  I did find this polish wsd a little thirsty, so make sure you feed it with plenty of topcoat.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I share the next shade, plus a little gradient I did with this polish.  Remember these polishes will be available for pre-order from Shades of Phoenix when they re-open shortly.

Happy Polishing!
xo Relle

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Shades of Phoenix :: Iridescent Adolescent :: Blogger collaboration collection

It's time again to share another of the polishes from the Shades of Phoenix blogger collaboration collection!  Tonight I've chosen to share with you the polish that Caitlin of Muggle Manicures inspired, and what a gorgeous iridescent purple creation it is!

Iridescent Adolescent

The purple base is packed full of all things iridescent, including a variety of glitter shapes and flakes.  I applied two coats for my mani, and the photos are a combination of inside under lamps and semi-sunlight (stupid clouds!)

This collection will be available for pre-order from Shades of Phoenix when they reopen shortly.  I'm at the half-way mark of posting them on my blog, but if you hit up my Instagram, I may have another shade previewed for you!


 I tried, but I couldn't cut down on the number of photos I shared!!  Sorry, not sorry!  

Happy Polishing!
xo Relle

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Shades of Phoenix :: The Secret of the Ooze :: Blogger Collaboration collection

If you caught my post yesterday you will have found out about the upcoming blogger collaboration collection from Shades of Phoenix, and have seen my contribution towards the collection.  

I have a little bit of a secret to tell you about the next polish.  I actually wore it before Medusa in the Morning, but I hadn't finished editing the photos and writing up the post until now.  Also, I couldn't help but show off the polish I had a hand in making first.  Would it surprise you if I told you this post will be fill of secrets?  Oozy secrets?  Dark green flaky oozy secrets?

The Secret of the Ooze

Inspired by Kaz of Pretty Random, The Secret of the Ooze is a blackened olive green jelly with so many colours of micro flakes, it's impossible to pick them out.  Now it may just be a coincidence, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel was the "Secret of the Ooze" perhaps the micro flakes are the same colours as the masks of Donatello, Michealangelo, Rafael and Leonardo?  I guess we will have to wait for Kaz to spill be beans about her colour inspiration!

I applied three coats of The Secret to reach a good level of coverage on my free edge, and the formula dries very smooth.  I found in low lighting, this polish looks like a super shiny black polish, but with a little more light you can tell it's a really dark green.  It's also a horrendous pain in the butt to capture properly in a photograph because it is so damn shiny! The photos you see in today's post are a variety of daytime bulb at night on point and click camera and phone camera, and full sun both point and click and phone camera.  A good portion of my phone memory was taken up trying to show all the flaky goodness, as for some reason full sun camera phone was the best at capturing the flakes up close.


The Secret of the Ooze, Medusa in the Morning and the other blogger collaboration polishes will be available for pre-order soon from Shades of Phoenix.  Keep watch on the SOP Facebook page for updates on when the store will reopen.

Happy Polishing!
xo Relle