Saturday, 20 June 2015

Born Pretty Store Review :: Phoenix Metallic Water Decals

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Being as time poor as I have been lately, super quick nail art is the way to go.  Today I am sharing with you some gorgeous metallic gold water decals that I received from Born Pretty Store for Review.

These Metallic Water Slide Decals are available in silver or gold, and in your choice of phoenix birds or tiger heads, and the quality of the packaging and decal are very high.

Phoenix Gold Metal Water Slide Decals

I selected the gold toned phoenix water decals, as I wanted to try them over one of the autumnal polishes released by Shades of Phoenix.  As I mentioned above, the quality of this water decal was fantastic.  The decals themselves are a bright, shiny metallic gold, and you receive four images in the pack.  The packaging is sturdy, well made and the cardboard backing is a glossy bright white.

I won't bore you with an explanation of how to use water decals, but I will tell you that this was the easiest application of water decals I have had to date.  The back of the packet has illustrated instructions which are fairly easy to understand if you haven't used water decals before.

After trimming down the decals, I soaked them in a little bowl of water for about 15 seconds, and they released perfectly from the backing paper.  They were not flimsy, and were very flexible and molded to the curve of my nail perfectly.  They sat flush against the nail and were quite easy to position before they dry.  I applied one coat of topcoat, and I was done.  The decals lasted for my whole mani, which I removed after 1 week.

I loved how shiny the decal was, but boy oh boy was it hard to take a proper photo of!  I applied the phoenix water decal over Ginny's Locks from the Shades of Potter collection by Shades of Phoenix.

And for those of you who would like to see Ginny's Locks flying solo without the water decal, you might like to check out my new blog, Gauche Gal.

The Phoenix and Tiger water decals are available in a packet of 4 and 6 images respectively, and are currently US$1.99 per packet.

I also have a 10% off code for you all, so feel free to plug in my code LL10K31 at checkout (this doesn't apply to already discounted items though!).

Store link:  Born Pretty Store
Product link:  Phoenix Gold Tiger Nail Art Water Decals Metal Transfer Stickers

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

This product was provided to me for review by Born Pretty Store
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Monday, 15 June 2015

Quickie Nail Art Tutorials :: Rockabilly Theme

I totally forgot I did some quickie nail art tutorials from some of the nails from my Rockabilly nail art mani using the Shades of Phoenix Mystery Mani-Fest.  (By the way, next month's pack is still open but only for a couple of more days!)

Below are the picture tutorials on how to recreate the anchor, hearts & stripes, as well as a two tone look with a bit of bling.  There's more information available on my new blog, which I am in the process of transitioning to.


Stripes & Heart


Easy Two Tone

You are welcome to repost these tutorials as long as you credit me at

Happy Polishing!
xo Relle

Monday, 8 June 2015

Born Pretty Store Review :: Blooming Flower Lacy 3D stickers #17468

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I took advantage of this week's long weekend and got stuck into trying out some new products that Born Pretty Store sent me for review.  The first of which I am sharing with you today.

There's no doubt about it, this is a huge pack of nail stickers.  There are 9 distinct designs of 12 stickers each, and they are available in four metallic colours, red, black, navy blue, and rose red (which is more of a hot pink/fuchsia).  The metallic designs are 3D, but they are encased in a smooth clear sticker, so are smooth to the touch.  I went with the red colour as I don't often use red and I wanted to try something new.  

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Shades of Phoenix Mystery Mani-Fest :: Rockabilly Pin Up Nail Art

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What's buzzin, cuzzin? I've got a groovy new mystery box from Shades of Phoenix to share with you today.

The Mystery Mani-Fest pack is a themed "manicure in a box", available monthly from Shades of Phoenix.  The box contains two midi sized bottles of never before seen polish, together with plenty of nail art goodies to match the theme; more than enough to create a nail art loaded mani with something different on each nail.

May's Mystery Mani-Fest pack was themed Rockabilly Pin-up, and came with a gorgeous glittery holo blue, Back Seat Bingo and a shimmery glittered red jelly, Classy Chassis.  There was also a half size orange cuticle stick (which can also double as a dotting tool!), striping tape, and two ziplock baggies filled with a variety of acrylic bows (with bling and no bling), silver and gold studs in a variety of shapes, fimo slices of roses and winged hearts, and a generous amount of heart, bow/butterfly and skull and crossbones glitters.

Time for a closer look at the polishes, Back Seat Bingo and Classy Chassis.

In the bottle, I thought that Classy Chassis was going to be my favourite from this pack as what was not to love?  It's a shimmery glittery red jelly and with a little bit of spice with a peppering of black glitters.  I was done for however, when I put on Back Seat Bingo.  It's a gorgeous bright blue full of holo, plus some sneaky micro glitter additions which give this polish a gorgeous sparkle indoors as well as in the sun.  You could get away with using two coats of both of these polishes, which is what I did on my right hand (see full sun plain swatches below).  For my swatch hand that received nail art however, I did three coats.  Below are swatches of three coats of the two shades, without topcoat.

On to the Nail Art!

I pulled out a trusty white polish from my collection, but everything else came from the pack.  On my index finger I used the striping tape to create crisp lines, and popped some heart glitters on the blue lines.  My middle finger I painted an anchor, and my ring finger was sporting a diamonte bow and studs.  My little pinky received a couple of skull and crossbone glitters, and a pink fimo rose slice.

And last but not least, we have a couple of photos in full sun!  

The theme for June's Mystery Mani-Fest is Things of Who, and is available now for pre-order until 13 June.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the next box.

Happy polishing!!
xo Relle

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Life Gets In The Road :: Blog / Destash Nailpolish Sale

As we approach the home stretch of the month of May, I realise that for the most part, life has stolen me away from my hobbies.  I've had a fairly constant stream of errands, appointments and also managed to get infected with a severe case of Running-around-like-a-headless-chook-itis this past week, including losing a night to the laundromat.  Our community bore has run out of water due to lack of rains, and it certainly isn't helping that the inconsiderate dingleberries living across the road are still watering their lawns while the rest of us are conserving water for essential use only.

Thankfully my "busy times" are coming to an end and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into blogging again. Of course, to make things harder on myself I have been seriously thinking about branching out into things other than nail polish.  It will be a lot of work, and I'm not sure if I want to put in that amount of effort at this point in time, but I've done some research, and it may be a better fit for me as I'll still be able to blog even when I don't have time to hit that acetone.  

Image from

Funnily enough, while I have had little time to devote to my nails, they have been growing on strong without me.  I have the longest natural nails I've ever had, and both hands match!  The only thing different that I have been doing is making sure that I have at least a coat of base coat on at all times.  No showering naked, and definitely no washing my hair naked!! Naked nails that is.  Rather interesting that I'm complaining about a water shortage (with the bore running dry), and at the same time doing a happy dance because water hasn't weakened and broken my nails...

So, onto the Nail Polish Clearance Sale!  The reason is a simple one.  I have a severe lack of storage.  I simply don't have the room for the amount of polish I currently own.  My main set of drawers is in the process of self-destructing as it wasn't made for such a heavy load, and I can't just nip down to the local Ikea to pick up a Helmer because my 'local' is 2 solid days of driving away.  So, as depressing as it has been, I've had to get my destash list ready.  I love every single polish I am selling, but I have to be realistic.  I'm am still keeping quite a stash of Aussie Indies, and there are some on the list that I am hoping won't sell so I will have an excuse to keep them.

There are mainstream Australian and International polishes, as well as Australian and US Indie polishes.  A lot of What's In-Die Box exclusive polishes, as well as some from the Indie Extravaganza boxes 2 and 3.  I have Glam Polish, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Pretty Serious, Celstial Cosmetics, Powder Perfect, Two Birds, Franken Frosting, Jindie Nails, Serum No. 5, Smudged Nail Polish, Emily de Molly, Gloss n Sparkle, Miss Ashleigh and much more.  My poor indie babies, I wish I could keep the lot of you.

If you would like to check out my destash list, it can be found here:  Relle's Destash

Please note:  If you are outside Australia - I am happy to post to an Aussie mule for you, however I will not be posting overseas.

Monday, 4 May 2015

May the Fourth Be With You, Wedge Antilles :: Star Wars Nail Art

May the Fourth be with you!!  Just a quickie post with some photo spam, as I was running out of time to get this done today.

To celebrate this year's Star Wars day, I paid homage to Wedge Antilles.  Wedge was what some would say the best pilot in the universe, and I thought he could do with a little bit of love in the sea of storm troopers, chewy and Artoos today.  

My thumb was a rather South Park-esque looking Wedge head, with my index finger sporting his flight suit.  The middle finger is a design from the side of his helmet, and I finished off with some holo glitter stars over black, and the local neighbourhood Death Star.

Products used were from OPI, Sinful Colors, MUD, Orly, Ulta3, and You.  If you want to find out more about Wedge Antilles, check out the link below.

Image from

Happy Polishing!!

xo Relle

Friday, 1 May 2015

Born Pretty Store Review :: Stamping Plate BP-55 and My First Reverse Stamping Attempt

I reviewed some stamping products from Born Pretty Store at the start of last month, and it's time for a closer look at the Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP-55.

There are three quarter plate patterns, and one quarter containing a mix of unusual images on the Born Pretty Plate BP-55, being a curved tribal print, a detailed floral which reminds me of a sunflower, an art nouveau pattern, and a jumble of mountains, weather, peas in a pod, flowers and borders in the random mix panel.  While I don't think most of the random image quarter of the plate will be useful to me, the images on the remaining quarters are great enough to make up for it.

As with the previous plate, only very light scraping is needed when using this plate as it is easy to over scrape and not have enough polish to pick up with the stamper.

Still excited from my second successful stamping mani, I decided to try out a different technique on this plate, and did Reverse Stamping.  If you're not familiar with what Reverse stamping is, instead of the traditional "pick up the image, put on nail", you pick up the image, and colour in the image while it is still on your stamper.  Let it dry and then put on a coat of quick dry top coat.  After that has dried, you can easily peel of the stamped "decal", trim and pop it on a nail with freshly applied topcoat.  After cleaning up the edges, another coat of topcoat seals it in and it looks extra fancy.

Unfortunately my photos of the first step in the process, the stamper with the image only, didn't turn out.  The next images show how I went from coloured in image to glossy, shimmery awesomeness.

All coloured in and topcoated.  Dry, polish, dry!

All peeled off and places to be

Roughly trimmed down, and ready to go

Decal placed on nail with wet topcoat, pressed in lightly

After clean up and topcoat
I'm definitely going to use this technique again, but I think first I will need to pick up a few more of the Born Pretty stampers so I can do a few at a time!

If you'd like to check out my first post, where I reviewed the stamper, click here.

I also have a 10% off code for you all, so feel free to plug in my code LL10K31 at checkout (doesn't apply to already discounted items though!).

My apologies for the delay in revisiting this plate.  I've had some personal things come up the past few weeks and family will always come first.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

This stamping plate was provided to me for review by Born Pretty Store.
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Saturday, 25 April 2015

AIPAS Challenge :: Prehistoric :: Fossil Nail Art with Two Birds Lacquer Mother of Pearl

This fortnight's theme for the Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society is Prehistoric, and as I've always loved fossils since I was a kid, I decided to recreate my favourite ones on my nails.

I used Mother of Pearl from the recent First Anniversary collection from Two Birds Lacquer for my base colour, and mixed in a little bit of Cotton to make a darker grey for my fossil details, being a little bit of fern, and an ammonite.

Mother of Pearl is a cool grey, with a tonne of white and delicate rainbow flakes, with a smattering of tiny mossy green glitters.  It's no wonder I reached for this polish first when deciding what to do for the prehistoric theme.

As I said above, I mixed Mother of Pearl with a touch of Cotton to make a darker grey.  Cotton is a lovely shimmery black charcoal with holographic glitter, and one I'd recommend checking out if you love dark polish colours.

In terms of formula, unfortunately I cannot make comment as I had some evaporation happening in these two bottles and I had to put thinner in them.  I believe it was due to one of my nuggle parents not putting the lid back on properly when I received the parcel, as the other three bottles I received, and an order since, have all been fine.  Lesson learned, if nuggles handle your precious, make sure the lids are on properly!!

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Born Pretty Store Review - Stamping Plate BP-21 and Geometric Nail Art Mani

I recently reviewed some Born Pretty Store stamping products, and today we are taking a closer look at one of the stamping plates, BP-21.

There are four patterns on the Born Pretty BP-21 plate, a baroque vine type pattern, concentric circles, undulating waves, and geometric lines.  I have stamped them all using black polish onto white card so it is easy to see their patterns.

When you are scraping this plate before picking up the image, you need to have a very light hand.  For the waves and lines, I put barely any pressure on the pattern when I was scraping, as I was having trouble picking up the image.  As soon as I eased up on the pressure while scraping, the stamper picked up the images perfectly, and I was able to stamp both hands in no time. 

I chose the geometric lines for my full mani, using Born Pretty's silver stamping polish (see the link to my review at the bottom of this post) over a coat of Illamasqua's Ouija, which is a lovely shimmery pink.

I received lots of compliments on these nails, and I really loved how the light hit the silver stamping.  I was very happy with how fine the stamping came out on these, and I'm looking forward to buying a few more designs

If you'd like to check out my first post, where I reviewed the stamper and polish as well, click here.

I also have a 10% off code for you all, so feel free to plug in my code LL10K31 at checkout (doesn't apply to already discounted items though!)

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

This stamping plate was provided to me for review by Born Pretty Store.
This post contains affiliate links.