Saturday, 30 August 2014

Femme Fatale Cosmetics :: Darkmoon Fortune

Today I'm sharing Darkmoon Fortune from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, which was the polish I wore for last week's glitter theme for Femme Fatale Fiends.

Darkmoon Fortune has a sheer plummy brown base, and is packed with a delicious mix of burgundy/brown hexes and small glitters, a purple/fuchsia in holo hexes and small squares, small turquoise holo hexes, and small iridescent glitters.  I may have the colour of the little squares wrong, as they seem to move from wine to fuchsia in light.  

I applied two coats of Darkmoon Fortune over Color Club Electronica, which is a shimmery deep purple.  I found it incredibly difficult to get an accurate shot of the glossy version of this mani, so I applied a matte topcoat so that you could see just how generous the glitter serving is.

DMF was a hidden gem in my collection, and I'm sorry that it took so long to wear it. It is an absolutely gorgeous mix of glitters, and is now probably one of my favourite shades from FFC.  Unfortunately for those of you who do not own it, this shade has been discontinued although some fingerwork revealed that it is still available from FFC Stockists Beauty So Fly and Norway Nails.

AIPAS, as well as some of the Aussie Indie brands, have quite active Facebook fan groups, and often have themes to join in on. If you're at a loss about which polish to put on, check out the different groups for inspiration!

Happy Polishing!!

xo Relle

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Swatch :: Tektite and Cydonia Nights

Earlier this year, Celestial Cosmetics held a contest with one of the prizes being to help design some new polish!  I wasn't the winner, but what a great prize!  Tonight I'm sharing with you swatches of both of the contest polishes, Tektite and Cydonia Nights.  


Tektite has an abundance of different shades and sizes of green glitters swimming in a squishy dark green jelly base. I used two coats, with the second coat using the "splodge and push" method to get a good covering of glitter.  While the photo shoes a little bit of visible nail line, it is less noticeable in action at normal scale.  (I don't actually have gigantic yeti hands).


Cydonia Nights is an almost burnt caramel orange jelly with brown and gold glitters throughout.  I feel this shade didn't play nice with my skintone, but it was my favourite out of the two because of it's uniqueness.  The rusty orange brown is something I haven't seen in a squishy recently, and I'm thinking it will make a reappearance in some Halloween nail art this year!

Tektite and Cydonia Nights are available from the Celestial Cosmetics' Store until 25 October 2014, so don't wait too long or you might miss out.

And for the sake of completeness, I just had to give you the clip for Muse's Knights of Cydonia, since it has been an earworm all night.

Happy polishing!!!

xo Relle

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Simples :: Watercolour Nail Art

Last week's Simples Nail Art - Muggles to Mastery theme was Watercolour!  To create my watercolour mani, I used five different colours of MUD nail polish, in Electrify It, Caribbean Sky, Flamingo Funk, Hello Yellow and Lime Juice.  This is precisely why I have such a large MUD collection, as they are great for nail art, and you don't feel bad about wastage because they are so cheap!

I used Snow Me White from Sinful Colors as my base white, and Peita's Potions Quick Gloss Me Up topcoat to protect my white base.  I then waited for it to dry quite a bit before moving on to the next step.

I have attempted watercolour before, using the "blob polish on then moosh with a brush with acetone" but I wasn't happy with the result, so I decided to go back to my High School art class roots, where you had to make watercolour paint out of the "all purpose school grade acrylic" that came in 2 litre bottles, by mixing a lot of water in with the paint.  

For this mani, I applied the colours one at a time, watering down the blobs of polish with acetone with a flat nail art brush on an old takeaway lid before dabbing on the polish/acetone mix to my nails in random spots.  I went through all of the colours, then went back through in the opposite order to top up on the other colours where needed, then a final brush over with straight acetone to blend the last colour back in before the final coat of topcoat. 

I really like how this has turned out, especially with the little touch of shimmer that come from the blue Caribbean Sky polish.  I'll definitely be attempting this mani again.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Simples :: Splodging Nail Art

This whole "no internet" business is really cutting into my blogging hours!  You'll have to forgive me, as I'm posting my Splodging mani for the Simples Nail Art - Muggles to Mastery theme from last week a little late.  

On to the purdy polish!  I used Covergirl Black Diamond for my base, with The Dawn is Broken from Essence, Innocent from Sinful Colors, Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? from, you guessed it, OPI for my spoloding.  I also gave the mani a generous coat of Chi Chi's multicoloured flaky Crystal Top Coat.

I quite like the colour combo, but it looks a little too much like an accidental camo to me. I'm not going to get too wordy on you tonight, because I've already done it once this week and failed.  I had my post all ready to go on the Android Blogger app when it ate my entire post (it's still trying to "save it" half a week later).  

If anyone has any recommendations for an alternate method of publishing blogs from mobile (while wandering around the house looking for that elusive mobile data signal, please post in commebnts!  

I must be off, I have some heavy duty relaxing to do after dealing with numbers all day.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

MckFresh Nail Attire :: Princess Bubblegum and Whistling Choir Death Match Championship

I recently wore MckFresh Nail Attire's Whistling Choir Death Match Championship for an AIPAS weekly challenge (I want Candy).

WCDMC is a pearly bubblegum pink swimming with small and round pastel matte glitters in lemon, blue, pinks and lavender.  It wore well, and it was a subtle, but fun glitter, and one of the more "work appropriate" Indie glitters I own while being totally girly.  WCDMC is from the Ooo - Friends collection which was based off Adventure Time, and is still available from MckFresh's Etsy store.

I have a set of pearly acrylic paints that I bought recently, so I decided to test them out by painting Princess Bubblegum on my ring finger as a feature nail.  Finding a reference pic was interesting as I did this mani while I had no internet.  I was traipsing around the house, searching for that ever-ellusive mobile data connection, arm above my head until I had enough signal to do a Google image search.  The joys of living out in the sticks.

This is the part of the blog post where I come clean, and admit that I have only watched one episode of Adventure Time.  I'm totally clueless about the characters, storyline or why there's a talking dog and a weird wavy unicorn rainbow.  Perhaps when I've run out of the things I currently watch, I might go back and see if I can get into it watching it.

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Monday, 11 August 2014

Dead Set Babes :: Freya's Scowl

As part of a birthday group I'm taking part in this year, I received a gorgeous custom bottle of polish from Deadset Babes that was inspired by my perpetual kitty, Freya.

Freya's Scowl is a glitter topper with translucent matte white hexes, iridescent squares and some shifting and shimmering base glitters which are rather hard to describe. It had great glitter distribution without the need for fishing, and I applied two coats for this mani over black, one dabbed and one just brushed on, with a generous amount of top coat.

I'm itching to try this one out on a nude/beige base to mimic Freya's actual colouring.  There's so much going on with this polish, just when I think I've seen all there is to see with the polish, I'd move my fingers and BAM more lush sparkle to lose myself in.

Deadset Babes polish can be purchased from their store at

Happy Polishing!! 

xo Relle

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dragon Egg :: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Planar Anomalies and Twilight Meteorite

As you might have seen, I've been suffering from Lack-of-Internet-Itis for the last week of my holidays.  The sudden onset of this problem left me with plenty of time to finally try out the nail polish dragon egg made from painted thumb tacks.  

After lining up my thumb tacks on an old postpac box, I applied two coats of black polish to each tack.  I had the agonising decision of what colours to use, finally going with two of my neglected Femme Fatale Cosmetics namely Planar Anomalies and Twilight Meteorite.  I laid down a rough coat of Planar Anomalies to get some texture and holo glitter on my scales, then topped it off with one coat of Twilight Meteorite to give it the gorgeous purple to blue shift.  Finishing off with a good quality top coat (not fast-drying) to help prevent any chipping, I waited until they were dry before assembling the egg.  

I left each coat to dry for at least half a day to 24 hours before starting the next coat to make sure everything was fully dry and would last as long as possible.  I had the fun job of sticking small sharp objects into a weirdly shaped piece of styrofoam, which was consistently shifting weight as I added more tacks.  You need to take a little bit of care when wrangling your tacks that you cover up all that pesky white, which sticks out like dog's proverbials when using dark tacks.  I wish now that I had painted the egg with black acrylic paint first so that the gaps would be less noticeable as you turn it around.  

This little egg takes up quite a bit of polish, and I would estimate I used just over a third of a bottle of Covergirl Black Diamond for the two coats of base colour.  The tacks give the egg a nice weight to it, and the texture is lovely if you're into the tactile side of life, which I am.  (Give me a clean, warm and well-worn t-shirt to bury my face in, and I'm in heaven).

While my glittery purple dragon bumnut is not perfect, I'm really happy with how this turned out, and I'll definitely be making another one as a gift for someone as I think they're pretty cool.

If you are considering tackling this, make sure you leave enough space to be able to paint each tack separately.  I found I had put my tacks too close together and had some accidental polish deposits on other tacks than the one I was trying to paint.  It will also let you see whether you have properly covered the whole surface of the tack.  There were a couple of tacks that I had missed the edge of or that the coats were thin, but you can easily hide these by spinning the tack to make sure it is covered over with the next layer of tacks, but it is easily avoided if you give yourself enough room to paint.

I loosely followed the Dragon Eggs tutorial done by Accio Lacquer, as I already had a fair idea of what to do from my ghosts of crafting past, and the fact that this was not my first foray into egg/bauble-type creations.  If you haven't attempted anything like this before, or you like to chuckle at funny gifs, definitely check out Accio's tutorial. 

I tried to find some Game of Thrones or Mother of Dragons art to share with you, however my Google searches kept bringing up a plethora of dirty-faced blondes in Daenerys  cosplay with stuffed dragons crazy-glued to their chests, and a whole lot of weird paitned naked people.  I did stumble across the above meme that made me chuckle, and I simply have to share the Pugs of Westeros video.  It's just too cute, and pugs are awesome.

Happy Polishing!!

xo Relle

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Little Quickie Update :: No Internet

Hello everybody, just wanted to check in and assure you all that I'm still here. I am having internet connection issues at the moment and have barely any signal on my phone so my access to blogger, Twitter etc has been cut off. I hope to be back soon, and in the meantime, happy polishing!!

xo Relle

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Aussie Nails Monday :: Tribal Nail Art

A couple of weeks back we had a Tribal theme for Aussie Nails Monday.  I hadn't tried any tribal nail art before as I wasn't very interested in it.  I spent a bit of time trolling through Google images and Pinterest looking at what was considered "tribal" nail art, and after I had a bit of an idea what it involved, I closed everything down and just had a bit of a play.  

Firstly, I painted my nails with Sinful Colors Snow Me White, which is my go-to for a flat white base.  I then used three Ulta3 colours, Fruit Tingle, Bright Me and Blue Marlin, which were hot pink, bright orange and cobalt blue respectively.  I painted random stripes and blocks of colour on my nails, and waited for that to dry.  Then using a small nail art brush and some black pearl acrylic paint, I put in my geometric patterns.  I waited for the acrylic paint to dry thoroughly, then I topped it with Celestial Cosmetics' Anti-Matter, which is a lovely satin-finished matte top coat which doesn't streak your nail art.

This was actually quite a fast mani to do, as I was just happily painting away, filling in the different sections of colour with random lines.  I found having such a busy pattern on my nails made them look larger than they actually are, which was a plus for this Itty Bitty Nail Bed Committee member, and I even had a cashier compliment my handiwork and ask where to buy nail art tools from. (one of us... one of us!!!)

Happy Polishing!!
xo Relle

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Simples :: Dots Within Dots :: Mode Cosmetics

The last technique in the dots section of Simples Nail Art was Dots Within Dots.  Layering dots of a contrast colour, then dotting over that with the base colour again creates a "ring" of the contrast polish, so your nail is covered in happy little donuts of polish.

Mmm donuts.

For my version of Dots Within Dots, I used three recent purchases from budget Aussie brand Mode Cosmetics.  The base colour, Hook Me Up, was almost a one-coater, and is a similar colour to OPI's Can't Find My Czech Book, but not enough to be a dupe.  I then put the Mode matte topcoat over the blue, and waited for it to dry.

Moving onto the contrast colour, I used neon green Whatev, making large and small dots randomly on the nail.  Once those dried a little, I dotted the blue inside the larger dots and then I had my happy little donuts.  After the mandatory waiting period for those dots to dry, I topped the blue dots with the same matte topcoat, although I had a little trouble with my index finger not being totally dry.

Handy hint: Don't be impatient and matte your dots too early, you might stuff up and end up taking mainly 3 finger shots because of the way the light hits your weird cratered index finger polish donuts....

Mmm donuts...

My apologies for the photo quality.  I took them with my phone's camera as I had quite a few layers of untidiness on my desk and I briefly lost my normal camera!  

If you'd like to tackle this technique, but would like to watch a tutorial first, I have included The Crumpet's tute below for you.  

Happy polishing!!
xo Relle